Building a better Cayman: Sustainable communities at the heart of NCB Group

November 17, 2021
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This article first appeared on Cayman Compass. 

Building with the future in mind has always been the guiding force behind NCB Group.

It’s a philosophy that has served the company well over the past 20 years – and continues to do so.

“As Cayman’s population grows and savvy consumers become more environmentally aware, we continue to see an increase in demand from single-family homes to mixed-use sustainable communities,” says Managing Director Matthew Wight.

“With our mission of ‘building with Cayman’s future in mind’, NCB was an early adopter of this new way of living, creating Cayman’s first sustainable community, Cypress Pointe North, in 2015.”

It has since developed other sustainable communities, including TIDES and SOLARA. It has also expanded into commercial spaces, including Cayman Technology Centre, one of Cayman’s most energy-efficient office buildings.

A family enjoys a leisurely stroll along the promenade at NCB's sustainable development, SOLARA.

And NCB continues to lead the way in renewable energy and sustainability with some key projects going forward.

Among them is AURA on the eastern coast of South Sound, OLEA in Camana Bay, a joint venture with Dart Enterprises, and Kailani, Cayman’s first boutique business and wellness hotel that will enhance sustainable tourism.

Integrating ICF construction, solar panels and geothermal cooling, the properties also feature such eco-friendly elements as water recycling, rainwater capture, electric-car charging stations and low-energy-use appliances, which not only help to reduce the developments’ output of greenhouse gas emissions but owners’ utility costs, too.

NCB now has its own dedicated geothermal, solar and sustainability divisions.

“This helps us ensure we provide the best quality and most energy-efficient products and experiences for our clients from start to finish,” says Wight.

Communities that connect

While sustainability is paramount, NCB is also in the business of creating communities that connect.

With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 reinforcing the need for community, NCB continues to design developments that focus on bringing people together – whether that’s through green spaces, playgrounds, pools or rooftop lounges.

Invested in the community, NCB is now looking to the next 20 years, and beyond.

“As Cayman continues to grow, we will be there with sustainable residential and commercial spaces and services to meet the islands’ changing needs while also respecting this beautiful place we all call home,” says Wight.