Building A Better Cayman: The Strong Foundations of Our Past

July 07, 2021
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NCB Group’s President highlights community as the key to success for businesses in Cayman.

After Covid-19 challenged the way we conduct business, NCB Group’s President, Naul Bodden, notes it was the company’s founding vision, of crafting communities through constant innovation, that sustained the company’s growth. That growth saw a team of 3 expand into 100 employees in 20 years.

As 2020 reinforced the need for community, Senior Manager of Development, Design & Client Relations, Candice Bahadur, notes NCB continues to design developments focusing on bringing people together. Whether these are green spaces, playgrounds, rooftop lounges, gyms, cabanas, outdoor grills, or Cayman’s first lazy river, NCB developments always enhance the lives of those, who live there.

For NCB, a commitment to sustainability has also helped them cater to the needs of the islands. NCB’s Sustainability and Design Manager, Steve Schiffbauer, notes that more home and business owners are seeking to become energy independent to reduce costs and their impact on the environment. Anticipating these needs and providing solutions has helped NCB to flourish throughout the last 20 years.

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