NCB Group is Building with Cayman’s Future In Mind and we strive to make sure every structure we build has as little impact as possible on the Earth by favouring sustainable construction practices, efficient building designs and environmentally friendly materials.sustainable

We want our communities to be healthy, stable, and sustainable. While the construction industry has not been known for being environmentally friendly, we understand that it just makes sense to incorporate sustainable construction practices into our work. That is why we are making efforts and advances everywhere we can. We help our clients find balance between sustainability and cost in every phase of the construction process.

Our passion for building exceptional homes fuels our ongoing research into new and innovative materials, trends and construction methods. This tireless pursuit of excellence allows us to offer the highest quality, most energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing homes and commercial spaces available today.

Cypress Pointe North is one example of NCB’s commitment to building energy efficient communities and residences. It seamlessly blends environmental sustainability with outstanding luxury and a deep sense of community. All of these homes will generate their electricity through solar panels and will be cooled with geothermal technology. Interior temperatures will be efficiently controlled and maintained through the use of double glazed windows and ICF foam insulated concrete walls and solid concrete roofs. These construction techniques and materials, when combined with state-of-the-art web joist flooring system and a building elevation of 8ft above sea level, create an unparalleled residence that is solidly constructed thereby providing homeowners with invaluable peace-of-mind.

The use of renewable energy sources, increases the appraised values of these homes whilst substantially reducing electricity bills and dependence on fossil fuels. Not only will you save money but will also protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.