NCB Advantages

Our History
We have a reputation for and history of quality in our past projects. We have an excellent track record and 75 years of collective experience in general contracting and construction management.

Experience Building Quality HomesExterior Villa Rendering (2)
NCB Group is known for building communities of distinction and quality custom homes that inspire. We pride ourselves on building homes that showcase superior craftsmanship and beautiful timeless designs. Our attention-to-detail is what sets us apart. Our combined experience demonstrates a wealth of knowledge in private custom home construction along with multi-story luxury living and commercial developments both in Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Australia and North America.

Our passion for building exceptional homes fuels our ongoing research into new and innovative materials, trends and construction methods. This tireless pursuit of excellence allows us to offer the highest quality, most energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing homes available today.

In House GEP SpecialistsRenewable%20Energy_0
NCB Group is the only custom home builder on the Island that has in house electrical, plumbing and geothermal cooling specialists. As more and more homeowners are looking to incorporate renewable energy sources into their build, we can seamlessly provide this expertise.

GeoCayman – NCB’s geothermal division – is the exclusive distributor in the Cayman Islands of GeoComfort Cooling systems. This clean, quiet technology has been called “the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective cooling systems available today” by the Environmental Protection Agency.

CPN+solar (3)Additionally, our electrical division, Power Plus, has vast experience with solar  installations ranging from entire communities (Cypress Pointe North) and large single family homes to corporate installations (Caledonian Bank). NCB Group can meet all of your clients’ energy efficient, electrical and plumbing needs.

Creative Collaborations
NCB Group prides itself on our ability to work as a valued partner with our clients building long-term, win-win relationships during the design and construction process.

Our People
We have an impressive depth of staff, providing excellent fieldwork, outstanding management and extensive experience.

6074_2_091014014024Excellent Safety Record and Risk Management Practices
NCB Group has an excellent safety record. Managing risk at the job site is a top-line priority. Our full-time dedicated Safety Officer is committed to maintaining a safe and accident-free job site.

Vertical Integration
NCB Group has grown to cover nine distinct service lines: Design, Construction, Development, Project Management, Property Services, Electrical, Plumbing, Geothermal Cooling and Landscape Design. Being vertically integrated to this extent allows us to provide our clients with the distinct advantage of increased quality control, cost effectiveness and efficiency.